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You just sent your music to radio in Canada. Here’s how to track your songs!

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Getting started with MTR is simple. Upload a song and select a monitoring package that works for you and your budget. MTR will handle the rest from there.

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MTR monitors the airwaves, so you know when and where your music is played in Canada. With access to radio-spin metrics, MTR can help maximize your strategy for music promotion.

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Find and grow your fanbase

MTR not only tracks your radio plays, it empowers you with actionable insights! MTR’s super intuitive dashboard was curated by music industry professionals and has been deftly designed by our talented team of tech-y humans.

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Take the guesswork out of radio airplay. Don’t wonder what happened after you sent your song to radio, find out! Start tracking your music releases in Canada today.

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MTR is built for artists

Brought to you by the same people that created the leading global music promotion distribution and discovery tool - Play MPE, the MTR team is made of music industry, tech professionals, and music artists, dedicated to helping independent artists compete and succeed at radio. The MTR team is here to support the potential of your music releases.

Get on the same playing field

Major labels have a deep well of resources which can make it difficult for indies to compete. MTR levels the playing field by providing you with an affordable radio tracking tool and useful insights tailored to your needs as an indie artist.

Know when to strike

Plan your promotions with precision. Other services only cover popular stations, but MTR tracks all formats across Canada including Alternative, Non-Comm, College radio, and CBC, making every spin count! MTR data can inform the timing of your rollout and identify territories to prioritize.

Get back to the music

Leverage the chance to foster industry relationships when you discover stations engaged with your music. Use MTR stats to uncover stations with radio plays and give them a shout on socials. This gives you content to get your fans, friends and music team excited about.

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